Company Loans Platform

• We seek to be an alternative source of financing for companies, to contribute to their growth and allow them to have liquidity to face situations or expand their operations.

• Opportunistic investments in illiquid instruments, where there are deviations in terms of the risk perceived by the financial system vs. the risk perceived by the manager and resulting after structuring

• Special focus on the preservation of capital and the search for collateral

We offer liquidity to companies

The FCP Dianthus has a wide investment spectrum, so we can finance companies and projects in any economic sector in Colombia, through operations denominated in pesos, at fixed or variable rates. Additionally, our risk assessment model allows us to have an investment strategy aimed at companies where there is a gap in the risk perception by the Manager, compared to that of traditional financial market

Our Leaders

“The Credit platform creates structures that protect invested resources, seeking risk-adjusted returns for our investors and generating personalized solutions for companies, in cases where another source of funding is non-existent or limited”
Stephanie Dager

Our credits


Companies must have at least three years of operation


The minimum amount for an operation is COP 2,000 MM


The term of the operation must be between 9 to 48 months


Operations must be supported by a payment source