Aritmétika Ethical Channel

Aritmétika makes available to its clients, investors, collaborators, suppliers, contractors, shareholders, and interest groups the ethical line "Closer to you" in order to prevent bad practices and irregular situations, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the information supplied and protecting the identity of who provides the information. Get to know our reporting channels:

Use of Reported Information:

Unless the law requires otherwise, the Ethical Channel of Aritmétika SAS reserves the right to determine how to act or not based on the information provided by the complainant. The Ethics Channel is not required to disclose any response or action related to the information provided through the ethics line.

Limitation of Liability:

As a reporter, you acknowledge that the only obligation of this ethical channel is to receive and transmit the information provided in your report so that it can be handled properly.

Report veracity:

At ARITMETIKA, reports sent through its Ethical Channel are taken seriously and responsibly. The dissemination or transmission of unsubstantiated rumors, the provision of false or misleading information will not be subject to review and follow-up, and if bad faith is found in the information reported, it may be subject to administrative or disciplinary measures.

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